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The Exchange at Beverly Gray is the premier Business and Entrepreneur Service Organization specifically serving the underrepresented and BIPOC entrepreneurial community in Buffalo, NY.

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l Workshops and Webinars

The Exchange at Beverly Gray is committed to providing support to Buffalo’s BIPOC entrepreneurs and business owners. We are currently following local and state guidelines to make sure all workshops are operating in a safe and healthy environment. For this reason, many of our workshops will online. When we do transition to in-person workshops, we will have a capacity limit and will also be streamed online.

l Startups

So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?
Everyone wants to jump into entrepreneurship. Some do it for the freedom it may provide, others because of an idea they have, and many because of the opportunity to be their own boss. However, the harsh reality is, 20% of businesses fail within year one. Then of the 80% left, about half fail within the next five years. By year ten only about 33% survive. This workshop is your intro to entrepreneurship. We introduce you to the terminology, give you all the fact around failure and what you can do to give yourself a winning chance at success!

First Steps to Starting a Business
The goal of this workshop is to help you understand what starting a business requires, and to define your own expectations for life as an entrepreneur and business owner. You will receive a better understanding of the qualities and characteristics that make up a successful entrepreneur. We want you to see those traits, find them in yourself, define what motivates you and then create an action plan to take the next steps towards owning your own business!
Dates: TBA

Creating a Business Idea that Works
Ideas come in all shapes and sizes, yet few entrepreneurs fully understand how to prove that their idea will work. The goal of this workshop is to take a deep dive into your idea and provide you with the tools to analyze your potential customers, industry, and competitors. With these tools you will learn if your idea can become a full fledge business.
Dates: TBA

Operation, Operations, Operations!
So now you know what an entrepreneur is, understand what it means to start a business and created a business idea that works, what is next? The truth is, many businesses fail not because of the idea, but because there was no system in place to allow for the business to operate functionality. The goal of this workshop is to help you think through business operations that will drive revenue and continuously increase your bottom-line. We will touch on operational plans and learn how to use the Business Model Canvas to guide you through business operations.
Dates: TBA

l Marketing

Developing a Marketing Strategy
Marketing is the one thing businesses can not slack on. Marketing is essential and billions of dollars are spent annual by businesses on it. This workshop will help you understand what marketing is, why it is important for your business and the strategies you can use to get in front of your desired audience.
Dates: TBA

Social Media Marketings
From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat and now even TikTok social media has become a necessity to reaching different audiences locally and across the globe. It is an essential tool for every business. However, marketing on social media is not as simple as making a post. In this workshop you will learn why social media market is a game-changer if done correctly and the STEPPS you can use to make sure every post counts.
Dates: TBA

Email Marketing
From new product introductions to holiday sales, emails have been one of the go-to methods that businesses, especially e-commerce, use to market to their audience. Yet, emails can be used for so much more, from securing new clients to fostering partnerships. In this workshop we will define the types of marketing emails, when each applies and identify the components that make an email that hits the mark!
Dates: TBA

Developing and Designing Content
Marketing does not just come in the form of emails, social media, or advertising. Often, many entrepreneurs must create content that speaks to a desired audience and drives them to use their product or services. This workshop introduces the free design tool Canva and show how entrepreneurs can begin building content that drives action.
Dates: TBA

Simple Landing Page vs. Full Scale Website
Whether starting out or expanding, understanding the type of website you should have at each stage of your business is important. Making your website simple yet flexible is the key to growing your business online. In this workshop you will review the different platforms to create a website, when landing pages are necessary vs when to scale, and how to tie all your marketing efforts into one.
Dates: TBA

l Legal

Choosing the Right Business Structure
One of the key decisions you will make when starting a business is selecting a business entity. It is a decision that will have long lasting impact on your finances, taxes, and personal liability. The workshop includes an in-depth discussion about the pros and cons of each option available to entrepreneurs in NYS. You will walk away having the knowledge to decide if sole proprietorship, partnership, c/s Corp or limited liability corporation is the right option for you.
Dates: TBA

Business and Law… The Basics
This workshop will help you understand the basic legal items that every entrepreneur should consider when starting and growing their business. We will be joined by business attorneys to help guide the conversation and answer frequent questions.

* Please note legal advice will not be provided during this workshop. This workshop is general in nature.
Dates: TBA

l Finance & Accounting

Business Finances: Getting Started
Financial management can be the most intimidating part of running a business. The goal of this workshop is to help entrepreneurs unfamiliar with business finance acquire the basic understanding. You will be introduced to key concepts and terms and develop a basic understanding of profit & loss, cash flow, gross margin and much more.
Dates: TBA

Business Finances: Planning for Profitability
Every entrepreneur starts with a dream but then quickly realizes that they are in business to make profits. However, the harsh reality is, 50% of businesses fail by year five. One way to avoid this stat is to create a financial plan that will guide your business to profitability. This workshop will provide you with the tools to create your own profitability plan whether you are just starting or currently scaling.
Dates: TBA

Understanding QuickBooks Online
Properly maintaining your business books is essential to your business’s fiscal health. Bookkeeping is essential in every business, whether large or small. This workshop will review the purpose of proper bookkeeping and help you determine when its ok to go at it alone and when it is time to hire a professional. We will also look at some basic bookkeeping software that can make your life a tad bit easier.
Dates: TBA